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Here you can read more about what goes on in the studio and beyond. Works in progress, exhibitions and my inspiration for making fibre art. This is where I share my thoughts and processes on making fibre art.

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  • Jewels at Dawn

    Jewels at Dawn

    Fire and light! This one started with a carded wool base in all the oranges with some bright red wool nepps scattered on and some bronze and copper angelina fibres. Going to pin this down and then cover it in a warm brown/bronze mix. It should end up as a very dark piece with these…

  • Golden Hare

    Golden Hare

    This is my latest hare made using wool, silk and nylon fibres. It’s also the biggest one I’ve done – the piece measure 50x60cm. Before this my ‘hare on yellow’ pieces were an A4 size (20x30cm) and the one before that was A5 (15x20cm). So I thought ‘How about a big 50cm one with a…

  • Daily Sketchbook Practice

    Daily Sketchbook Practice

    This is my interpretation of the Inktober prompts using textile and fibre mediums. Inktober is an annual sketching challenge for artists using ink meduims. I decided to do a version this challenge using fibre to kickstart my studio with some daily sketchbook practice. My aim was to re-introduce some experimental and playful work into the…

  • The Wheel of Life – Samsara

    The Wheel of Life – Samsara

    The Wheel of Life This series was started in January 2022 after a loss in the family. Little did I know that this was just the start of a year of grief and loss and upheaval for our family. Before I began I had no plan, other than to keep my mind and hand busy…

  • Dreaded Moths! 😱

    Dreaded Moths! 😱

    I spotted 2 clothes moths while unpacking the fibre from yesterday’s workshop. Managed 6 years with no moths but I think the heat and open doors in the evenings has finally done it. Last thing I needed but glad I kept that little chest freezer in the shed! 🥶😭 Treatment I’ve got to drop plans…

  • The Echo of Marabar

    The Echo of Marabar

    The echo began in some indescribable way to undermine her hold on life. Coming at a moment when she chanced to be fatigued, it had managed to murmur, “Pathos, piety, courage—they exist, but are identical, and so is filth. Everything exists, nothing has value.” If one had spoken vileness in that place, or quoted lofty…

  • The Silk Mill

    The Silk Mill

    Finally made it to the Silk Mill in Whitchurch yesterday. Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to visit somewhere so local! The mill (now museum) was powered by a water wheel and was built to process silk thread into fabric. From bobbin winding to weaving it is a fascinating process and an attraction for…

  • Mental Health Through The Year in Fibre Art

    Mental Health Through The Year in Fibre Art

    This series is based around how mental health changes through the year. It was my first venture away from representational landscapes in fibre art. Following lockdowns I felt the need to bring more inspiration from within into my work, in a way the landscapes weren’t achieving for me. This is the beginning of a journey…

  • Walk out into Colour

    Walk out into Colour

    ‘Walk out like someone suddenly born into colour. Do it now’.  Rumi. Starting something new… Sometimes you just have to start something and get your hands working. This piece started when I felt the urge to cover a large piece in yellow and use lots of colour. I then used some pastel colours in an…

  • The Wishing Trees

    The Wishing Trees

    This large (87x72cm framed) fibre piece is made using a base layer of carded bright yellow lambs wool on the merino felt backing, with thin silk mawata as a top layer. Sparkling nylon fibres are sandwiched between layers to give the slight dew effect. The trees and roots are made with wool for volume and…

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