Golden Hare

This is my latest hare made using wool, silk and nylon fibres. It’s also the biggest one I’ve done – the piece measure 50x60cm.

Before this my ‘hare on yellow’ pieces were an A4 size (20x30cm) and the one before that was A5 (15x20cm). So I thought ‘How about a big 50cm one with a touch of Klimt?’ Beginnings of an idea…

Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s portraits, the background is made with a base of fluffy wool with silk and acrylic fibres over. The hare is wool, camel, llama, angora rabbit and flax. The golden background uses sparkling nylon fibres to contrast with matt brown and grey wool fibres for the hare. The grass is strips of silk mawata edges.

It started with piles of golden yellow fluffy sparkles.

Then blocking out the shape with undyed wool in natural colours

Experimenting with yarn and mawata edges. Just laying things out to see…

Finished ‘Golden Hare’. 50x60cm.
Background is nylon fibres on a carded wool base, hare is wool and camel fibres, grass is silk hankie edges on carded wool. Off to be framed…

This is what the back of the piece look like!

This piece is part of the Taster Exhibition at Great British Revivals in Faringdon during #oxfordshireartweeks in May.


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