Avebury Wishing Trees




I love visiting the Beech Trees at Avebury. These four trees are known as the Spirit Trees Wishing Trees or Tolkien Trees (inspiration for the Ents?). However you think of them this place is special and so calming. This original piece is on display at Elements of Avebury and available to purchase. This large (87x72cm framed) fibre piece is made using a base layer of carded bright yellow lambs wool on the merino felt backing with thin silk mawata as a top layer. Sparkling nylon fibres are sandwiched between layers to give the slight dew effect. The trees and roots are made with wool for volume and silk to finish and are raised against the background to give a 3D effect. https://ushmasargeantart.com/the-wishing-trees/

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 50 cm