Jewels at Dawn

Fire and light!

This one started with a carded wool base in all the oranges with some bright red wool nepps scattered on and some bronze and copper angelina fibres. Going to pin this down and then cover it in a warm brown/bronze mix. It should end up as a very dark piece with these colours peaking through – but I might change my mind as it comes along and leave more bright areas.

A full productive day in the studio for the first time in ages. Feeling 😊. Lots of mawata layering and edge textures. Excited to see what happens next with this one. 🔥

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks with this big #workinprogress on the table while I’ve been busy with life outside the studio.

Every so often I come in and add a couple of details. One of those pieces with more time spent looking than with a needle in hand.

It’s my warm and bright retreat from the dark and grey world outside! 🔥

Getting some sparkle on this afternoon. Using some of the goodies I found raiding the craft room at the local scrap-store!
Why is it that these little titbits are so much more interesting when they’re all jumbled up in a box of waste materials? I wouldn’t be nearly as interested if they were presented new and tidy on display in a shop! Using scraps and cutting up old things is so much more satisfying.

Local people if you haven’t been in to the Shrivenham Hub then I highly recommend it.

This one has been hanging unframed in the studio for a few months as the name and its story hadn’t settled in my head yet, so it didn’t feel complete. Finally came together this week as my weird half sleepy brain came up with ‘Jewels at Dawn’ as a play on ‘Duels at Dawn’. I feel there is an air of quiet anticipation in this piece, but that’s just me.

Except when I said this to my family they decided the name Geoff works better and it should be ‘Geoffs at Dawn’ and now I can’t un-see it or get it out of my head!

So… what name pops up for you with this image? Or do you prefer a purely decriptive title that leaves more to your imagination rather than have the title hint at the artist’s interpretation of the piece? Does the title matter at all when the piece is hanging on your wall?


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