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If, like me, you occasionally have to buy gifts for people who seem to have everything, it can be hard to find inspiration. It’s great when you get a clue or an idea from them, but this doesn’t always make for a nice surprise!

This is why I love the idea of themes for gifting. The oldest and best example of this is Anniversary Gifts based on number of years.

Themes for Inspiration

With both the Traditional list and the Modern list, as well as Colours and Gemstones, these lists are able to take a lot of the guesswork out of gift buying. Using these lists can narrow down your search for a gift and save a lot of time and effort.

Obviously Year 7 is of particular interest to me as a Wool picture is an ideal gift for this anniversary year! There’s also Year 13 which lists Textiles as a modern gift and Year 4 which lists Flowers.

Avebury 5 stonesjpg


However it doesn’t end there. The colours list can be particularly useful if you already have artwork in mind but don’t know where to start. A colour, or a pair/group of colours can provide the starting point for a commissioned piece and give ideas for the subject matter. Narrowing down the options can help to drive creativity. You never know, there may also be the ideal piece ready to go!

As well as colour choices, other things to feed into ideas for anniversary gifts could be honeymoon or favourite holiday locations, wedding flowers, joint hobbies/interests.  Using these ideas you can choose or commission original and unique artwork to make a brilliant anniversary gift! 

trunk bay fibre art


Lastly, don’t be afraid to brainstorm ideas with an artist or maker. You don’t have to have a detailed brief before you approach us. We can talk through the beginnings of an idea and help form it into a brief with you as well as source photographs and research ideas. 

I hope this has helped you find inspiration. Interested in gifting fibre art? Have a look at my bespoke fibre art and gift voucher options or browse original art in my shop here


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